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I am a homeschooling mom to an autistic son who was reminded by the most wonderful woman in the world to that I needed to take some time to do something just for me and since reading is my only superpower my book blog, "I Read What You Write", was born. While my own serious health issues have kept it relatively low key, discussing books with authors and other book lovers has been a major source of energy for me over the last few years. Realizing that I tend to focus on the wonder of kids books (probably a growing fear of empty nest syndrome) I spun off a new blog, https://ireadkidsbooksjournal.wordpre...

I read all I can and I love to talk about books. So let's be friends! Drop by and let's talk about a book, any book. New books, Old books, Kids books, Your books

All Summer Long - Hope Larson

Austin and Bina have been inseparable friends since they were in diapers. The summer going into the eighth grade everything changes. Austin is headed for soccer camp and Bina has no idea how she is going to fill those, quite suddenly, boring days of summer. This is a coming of age type journey of self-discovery and Bina stretches out of her comfort zone to new experiences and new friendships. She learns to deal with her changing relationship with Austin now that they growing up and she finds a world that is just a little bit bigger than she had been expecting.


Somehow or another I have been inundated with graphic novels this summer. My son, a budding graphic artist, of course, insists that they are as legitimate literature as any book could be. After this book and the others that have found their way to me, I have to agree. While I might have avoided All Summer Long, given its format, I actually found it quite easy to read and the story is perfect for middle school teens. The art perfectly captures the feeling of a 13-year-old's summer of change

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Epic Summer Fun

The Cardboard Kingdom - chad sell

The Cardboard Kingdom
Illustrated by Chad Sell
Written by  Jay Fuller, David DeMeo, Katie Schenkel, Kris Moore, Manuel Betancourt, Molly Muldoon, Vid Alliger, Cloud Jacobs, Michael Cole, and Barbara Perez Marquez.

The Summer after fourth grade, my parents bought a refrigerator. It came in a giant cardboard box. That was the best summer ever. We had kids from all over the neighborhood come to play in our giant cardboard box. It was anything we wanted it to be and it was always fun. In today’s world of electronic instant gratification, the concept seems absurd. Why go pretend a box is a fortress when, inside a video game, you can just build a fortress that actually looks just like a fortress. I am sad for the adventures of summer that seem long gone and just thrilled that there are still kid’s books out there that capture it.


The Card Board Kingdom is a graphic novel about a neighborhood of 16 kids who with their imaginations and the help of some throwaway cardboard have the best adventures ever. Written by a number of authors and masterfully illustrated by artist Chad Sell, the book captures the essence of summer in a rather unique way. Mixed into the stories of epic quests of knights, mages, robots and the occasional innkeeper, are stories of real kids dealing with real issues.


This novel is geared toward the middle grades, but the stories within are safe for and will appeal to readers of all ages. Younger grades will enjoy the fun adventures and costumes. Middle graders will relate to some of the darker undertones their younger cohorts might miss. Themes such as being the new kids in the neighborhood, difficulty making friends, bullying, parental separation, gender conformity, and domestic violence are woven into the story at a kid’s perception level. The stories show that life throws some curve balls, but kids do have a voice and the ability to have some control over their rapidly changing world. Older kids and adults will simply enjoy the nostalgia of days gone by when summer was all about having fun together with a bunch of friends or a bunch of soon to be friends.


My particularly favorite stories are The Gargoyle, The Bully, and Professor Everything with his buddy The Scribe (who together remind me just a bit of my son). I giggled at the single-minded determination of The Alchemist and her solution to her troubles was simply epic in a way most adults could learn from. My heart broke for The Sorceress, who just wants to believe he can be magical, powerful and amazing. As a parent, I can guarantee that he, like all children, is that in spades. The whole book was a colorful adventure.


For those who would like to follow up on the adventure, coloring book pages and costume designs from the book are available on Chad Sell’s website


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Merry Masquerade in Savannah: A Made in Savannah Cozy Mystery (Made in Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series) (Volume 8) - Hope Callaghan

Carlita Garlucci and her adult children are facing their first holiday season without her husband Vinnie and despite their recent adventures in their new hometown, the holidays only highlight how much Vinnie is missing in their lives. While helping a friend investigate a theft at her estate Carlita and Daughter Mercedes get pulled into yet another murder mystery when a body is discovered during a formal holiday masquerade ball. This series offers an eclectic mix of zany characters and this book is no exception; from a high society dame with mystery on her hands and house full of loyal or maybe not so loyal employees, a nosy personal security “expert” with an ex-con sister and a penchant for floodlights, to a young girl with the charm and innocence to melt the heart of a staid old butler. There is no lack of suspects and plenty of twists as the investigations wind their way through back alleys, a supposed haunted house, and a mild hurricane. What comes out at the end is a mix of fun and old-fashioned murder mystery.

Suite Revenge: A Cruise Ship Cozy Mystery (Cruise Ship Christian Cozy Mysteries Series Book 8) - Hope Callaghan

I was really excited to see a Christmas themed installment for this series. Millie has come back to the ship after spending time with her family and she is looking forward to reconnecting with her friends aboard ship and resuming her duties as assistant cruise director. She is excited when her daughter and grandchildren plan on spending the week-long cruise with her but trouble shows up in the form of her ex-husband and his fiancee who have decided to be married aboard the Sea Siren. When the nasty fiancee shows up dead, Millie and those closest to her are the most suspected and she must find a way to clear suspicion. I just adore Millie Sanders and her cabal of crime-fighting buddies. Millie is not your typical granny type and her sharp mind and generous personality make her a lot of fun to read about. Descriptions of life on board the ship make even me with my irrational fear of the sea consider that cruises might be fun, though it takes a special person to make a career of it. The people (note I didn’t say characters) that Millie surrounds herself with are just the kind of old, and young, friends that every woman would love to have and they are the heart of this series. I will eventually manage to read every book.


There is this great magic shop with a tarot spin

Give the Devil His Due (A Tarot Mystery) by Hockensmith, Steve, Falco, Lisa(April 8, 2016) Paperback - Steve,  Falco,  Lisa Hockensmith

Owner of the White Magic Five and Dime Shop, Alanis is just trying to get by, set a good example for her younger sister and make up for the wrongs of her con artist mother. Things get bumpy when a mysterious stranger gets a tarot reading from her, that seems to be threatening and then ends up dead on the same night that her long dead step father  shows up out of the blue. The adventure will see her life threatened by an old lady with a less than firm grasp on an uzi, have her investigating an old art theft and willing to deal with maybe even the devil himself to see that her loved ones are safe from harm.

Though not necessarily a bad thing, this is is not a typical cozy. The heroine is not a classic good girl, there is loads of profanity and plot just can’t seem to decide which direction it wants to go in. There is this great magic shop with a tarot spin, and there is a con a minute theme running a long game with Biddle at one end and GW at the other conning the money guy, looking for one last score, etc. Finally, there is the private eye vibe with Alanis being undercover along with her teen cyber detection team and the obvious mob connections. It does all tie together, but it makes for a very busy un-cozy like story line.

That said there are many great things about the book to recommend it, including a cast of clever and surprising characters. The main characters are fabulous, but they are nothing compared to the color characters; a  stodgy lawyer with a billing fetish who knows more than he is willing to tell, an investigative reporter with an unexpected ax to grind, an art collector who isn’t what he seems, among others. I also felt that that the tarot cards were a fabulous way to introduce the chapters. I enjoyed seeing what the cards looked like as I have zero experience with tarot in general. This was was a good enough story to make me curious about the first books in the series and I certainly am willing to come back and visit these characters again someday.

4 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Source: http://ireadwhatyouwrite.wordpress.com/2017/04/16/book-review-giveaway-give-the-devil-his-due-a-tarot-mystery
The Road Has Eyes: A Relationship, An RV and a Wild Ride - Art Rosch

This book takes the reader on an adventure with the great outdoors as a backdrop and a burgeoning supporting cast of characters from across the country, seen through the eyes of the author and his partner, through filter of life experience and a stark spirituality that eschews the written page to draw you in as if you were actually there to experience the stark joys, the near-crippling fears and aggravating frustrations.

The author explores the pitfalls and joys of life on the road with charming honesty that it reads less like a book and more like a great evening with friends and the slide show of their latest great adventure. Yes, I know that last sentence, seriously tells my age, however it is with fond warmness that I recall many evenings in my childhood spent in just such a way.

At the end of the book the Mr. Rosch includes his ‘information guide’ to owning, buying and running an RV, complete with anecdotes. If you are contemplating such a life changing journey of your own and the preceding book hadn’t kept your attention then a read through the appendix will probably convince you that this life is doable.

All in all I have to say this was a seriously enjoyable, not-to-be-put-down kind of read and I am glad to have had the chance to gain some insight into the RV travel lifestyle and learn more about this author.
5 stars

This book was well worth the price of purchase.

Source: http://ireadwhatyouwrite.wordpress.com/2016/05/21/book-review-the-road-has-eyes-an-rv-a-relationship-and-a-wild-ride
The After House - Michael Phillip Cash

Remy Galway plans to buy the old long island home as a sign of her Independence after a long recovery from her bitter divorce. With her parents support she has slowly rebuilt her life and opened her own business. Now she is ready for her and her daughter to stand on their own. What she doesn’t know is that her home is haunted by a crusty whaling captain who is not amused by two females moving into his house, changing things. It doesn’t help that Olivia seems to be able to see him and isn’t at all frightened. His childish attempts to get them to leave is lost in the mystery of bad luck seemingly following Remy. Her home and business are vandalized and her car is run off the road. She doesn’t see any connection, however she can’t shake the feeling that someone is watching her and when she begins to receive phone calls that don’t show up on her cell phone history she begins to doubt herself. Luckily Hugh, a friend of her mother’s, is there to help see her through the trouble.

This is the second book written by Mr. Cash that I have read and I continue to appreciate his writing style. His characters are larger than life and his story is exceptional. The historical aspect of the tale fit together beautifully with the modern day story. While this story focuses on Remy and her new found life, it is really about Captain Eli. I loved how Hugh, in his role as curator of the local maritime museum, holds the key that may give the Captain a chance to finish his tale.

I would appreciate longer books from this author, but I can honestly say this book was exactly as long as it needed to be and there were no loose ends or rushed storylines.

5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest written review.

Source: http://ireadwhatyouwrite.wordpress.com/2016/05/11/book-review-and-spotlight-the-after-house
Mother's Day Magic: ...with Love - Angela Ford, Mary Crawford, Allyson R. Abbott, Tamara Phillip, Neva Squires-Rodriguez, Adrienne Ruvalcaba, Q. D. Purdu, Cary Allen Stone, Tyler Hosea, Cornelia Amiri, Tamara Ferguson, Daisy Banks, Anna Celeste Burke


MOTHER’S DAY MAGIC…With Love Anthology: 12 Books, 13 Authors

The perfect Mother’s Day Gift, written with love, sent with love.

Every mother's heart holds a bit of magic...her children's love. Enchantment awaits in twelve brand new, previously unpublished-stories, by #1 bestselling and/or multi-award winning authors from across the globe. Captivating tales of romance or fiction fashioned from loving memories, these poignant stories are sure to touch your heart.

10% of this anthology's proceeds will go to the National MS Society for research.

12 Books by 13 Authors.

Felt by the Heart by Angela Ford (#1 Bestselling, Amazon Top 50 & Award-Winning Author)

I Love You More by Cornelia Amiri (Bestselling author, Celtic Romance Queen)

Two Hearts Unspoken by Tamara Ferguson (#1 Bestselling Author &TRR Readers' Choice Award Winner)

December Roses by Daisy Banks (Bestselling Author)

Maddie's Project by Anna Celeste Burke (Award-Winning, Bestselling Author)

Vision of the Heart by Mary Crawford (#1 Bestselling Author)

An English Rose by Allyson R. Abbott (#1 Bestselling Author)

The Art of Forgiveness by Tamara Philip (Angie Ovations Outstanding Interracial Romance)

The Illusion of Happiness by Neva Squires Rodriquez

The Day before Eclosion by Adrienne Ruvalcaba

The Light We Found by Q.D. Purdu (Texas Writers' Winner)

Forever Sunshine by Cary Allen Stone & Tyler Hosea (Multi-Bestselling Author)

12 Beautiful books to capture your Mother’s heart



Leo Review sm

I received a copy of this anthology as a gift for joining an email list.
Many of my favorite authors offer up a selection of stories so good it will make you wish for full length novels. These are tales of a mother’s love, beautifully book marked at the beginning with Felt by the Heart, a story of a woman who has been knocked down by romance, but finds strength in her relationship with her children to take another chance and closed out with Forever Sunshine, a gorgeous tribute to a mother who showed her children that her determination to take on the world never took a back seat to motherhood.

It is hard to review an anthology like this as each part offers so much; the remembrances of a life, loss, broken hearts, discovery, and new love all tied together with the bonds of motherhood. This is a five star - feel good read. Plus 10 % of the proceeds from this anthology will go to to the National MS Society.

5 stars





Felt by the Heart by Angela Ford

angela fordAngela Ford originates from Nova Scotia…Canada’s Ocean Playground! Her love of the ocean and sunsets are always in her heart and give her inspiration. Her love for words keeps her turning the page. She is never without a book, whether she’s reading or writing. Her dedication and involvement with cyber safety seminars gave her an Award of Distinction and sparked the idea for her first book Closure. You can follow her at www.bookstogonow.com or visit her website at www.angelafordauthor.com

Author Links: Website / Twitter


i love you

I Love You More by Cornelia Amiri

CorneliaCornelia Amiri, who also writes as Maeve Alpin, is the author of 30 published books. Known as the Celtic Romance Queen, she writes Celtic Fantasy Romance, Celtic Historical Romance, Steampunk Romance and Sci-fi Romance. She lives in Houston Texas as does her son and granddaughter and her cat, Severus. Severus is a writer's cat, he loves books. He likes to knock them off the bookshelf, sit on them, and sniff the open pages. He also uses the computer, he sits on it, lays on top of it, and walks across the keyboard almost constantly. She is working on two soon to be released books a modern day fantasy romance novella, Back to the One I love, and a Celtic Fantasy Romance, The Dragon and the Druidess.

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two heartsTwo Hearts Unspoken by Tamara Ferguson

Tamara fA member of the Romance Writers of America, as well as the FTHRW Chapter, Tamara Ferguson is the best-selling and multi-award winning author of the Kissed By Fate Romance Series and the Tales of The Dragonfly Romance Suspense Series.

The military romance, Two Hearts Surrendered, is her contribution to the bestselling Magical Weddings Anthology; which includes stories from fourteen other USA Today, best-selling, and award-winning authors.

Her latest release, That Unforgettable Kiss was recently a top ten Amazon bestseller in Kindle Saga Fiction, has just earned 3-5 STAR Editorial Reviews from Readers' Favorite Reviewers, and is a WINNER in The Romance Reviews 2015 Readers' Choice Awards.

Tales of the Dragonfly Book II: In Flight was a 2014 WINNER at the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards.

A graduate of Illinois State University, Tamara Ferguson was a Vice-President of her graduating class and a Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. She was awarded the Illinois State University College of Applied Science and Technology Collegiate Achievement Award upon her graduation.

A former horticulturist, she currently resides in central Illinois.

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December Roses by Daisy Banks

daisy banksI grew up in the Black Country, the heart of the industrial midlands in the UK. I take great pride in my heritage. I have travelled, married, had two beautiful boys who have brought me a great deal of happiness.
I began writing when faced with a difficult illness and have continued to develop my skills and write. I love writing.
Presently I live in rural Shropshire.

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maddieMaddie’s Project by Anna Celeste Burke

annaLife is an extravaganza of unpredictable dimension and proportion: figuring out how to hang tough and make the most of the wild ride is the challenge.

On my way to Oahu to join the rock musician and high school drop-out I married in Tijuana, I was nabbed by the police as a runaway. When the police let me go and the rock band broke up, my husband and I had to find another way to survive. Our next stop: Disney World where we trained to be chefs, courtesy of the Walt Disney World University.

A GED for my husband, and many more years of education eventually landed us in academia—with Ph.D.s from the University of Michigan we took professor jobs with U of M’s longstanding football rival, The Ohio State University.

Retired now from my role as a professor in social work and behavioral science, I have picked up a long-time interest in writing fiction. In my professional career I wrote and published widely as a scholar, with more than forty manuscripts of varying lengths on my vita. I also carried out hundreds of training, consulting and speaking engagements on a number of gloriously nerdy topics.

So what on earth does a research scientist have in common with a mystery writer? As avid fans of the mystery genre will tell you at the core of any good mystery is a passionate search for the truth. Discovering the truth involves finding and assembling pieces of complex puzzles in order to solve seemingly intractable problems—scientist and sleuth are cut from the same cloth!

Still married to the same sweet guy, I live with my husband in one of the seven desert resort cities in the Palm Springs area. In addition to reading and writing mysteries I enjoy painting, hiking, hanging out with my handsome husband and tending to my Siamese cats.

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visionVision of the Heart by Mary Crawford

maryI have been lucky enough to live my own version of a romance novel. I married the guy who kissed me at summer camp. He told me on the night we met that he was going to marry me and be the father of my children.

Eventually I stopped giggling when he said it, and we just celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary. We have two children. The oldest is in medical school, where he recently found and married the love of his life, and the youngest is still in elementary school.

I write full time now. I have published eight books and have several more underway. I volunteer my time to a variety of causes. I have worked as a Civil Rights Attorney and diversity advocate. I spent several years working for various social service agencies before becoming an attorney.

In my spare time, I love to cook, decorate cakes and of course, I obsessively, compulsively read.

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An English Rose by Allyson R. Abbott

allisonI 'm very lucky to have the indulgence of time and space to enable me to write. I took a sabbatical from work to accompany my partner on his bucket list travels and adventures, and never went back. I really thought I would struggle with all the free time, so decided to write to keep myself occupied. Now writing has consumed my time and I am never sure where we will be or when, hence my novels could be classed
'international' as they may have been written across a few countries. We are still travelling, although we do pop back to the UK for a few months every now and again.

I love the fact that no matter what our age we can use new technology to connect to the rest of the world and enhance our lives. Back in the UK I have my friends and family and with emails, phones, skype or face-time, we are never out of touch for long. Even my mother at eighty-six uses face-time to catch up with me. I have the world at my fingertips and only twenty-four hours away from anywhere.

Being a 'mature aging gracefully' woman, I feel akin to the problems of aging and relationships. I spent many years on my own before finding my truly remarkable and very patient partner who I happily gave up my whole world for. My stories are about mature relationships with mature people. People who have character and humour, who have a history; people just like us.

I like to call it Hen Lit, not Chick Lit, but it is not just about falling in love. They are about real relationships.

I hope you enjoy my stories. Please check my web page or social media pages if you would like to contact me. I love emails and try to answer every one as soon as possible.

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the art

The Art of Forgiveness by Tamara Philip

tamara pAfter spending most of her life in New York City, Tamara Philip decided to let love lead her on an international adventure, where she's met many amazing people and ate entirely too much. Tamara and her English-born Husband, Chris, now split their time between the United Kingdom and Trinidad and Tobago.

Writing has been her secret passion since childhood. Quirky female leads are her trademark.

On any given day you can find Tamara telling people what to do, dodging adulthood, and working hard on her next novel.

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illusionThe Illusion of Happiness by Neva Squires-Rodriguez

nevaNeva Squires-Rodriguez was born and raised in a neighborhood located on the North Side of Chicago. Mother, Wife, Expert at multitasking, when she’s not writing newspaper columns or finishing up her latest novel, she is dispatching calls for her city’s 911 center. Perhaps this is what helps Neva create electrifying stories with a twist.

Neva Squires-Rodriguez earned her Bachelor’s Degree from American Military University (APUS/AMU) and her Master’s Degree from National University, a feat which she worked very hard to obtain and says she will work even harder to pay off.

She claims to be a typical American, full of dreams that will hopefully get her to a more comfortable lifestyle one day. She says, "God has a plan and I will follow wherever it is that He takes me."

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the day

The Day Before Eclosion by Adrienne Ruvalcaba

adrienneMy name is Adrienne D'nelle Ruvalcaba. I was born and raised in Southeast Texas. After high school, I joined the U.S. Army and served four years at Fort Campbell, KY. During my time there, I married a fellow soldier and had two children. Following my years in the service, I ended up as a single parent. After setting out on my own with my two children, I enrolled in the Engineering program at Southern Illinois University.

While at SIU, I completed my bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering with a concentration in structural analysis. Also while at SIU, I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. This diagnosis significantly changed my life. Since the onset of this disease, I have learned a lot about those around me and even more about myself. Due to some serious and sobering complications, my health has declined in recent years. I am no longer able to spend time outside with my children, or do many of the things that I used to take for granted. I'm in my early 30's, but most of the time I feel decades older. After a few years of struggling to accept this illness as a part of my life, I've finally come to a more peaceful place. The most important thing I've learned while dealing with this devastating and serious disease is that it does not define who I am.

I've been writing since grade school, and I often take solace in the world I create in my imagination. Most of what I write is romantic fiction, meant purely for emotional fulfillment, enjoyment, and sweet escapism. Real life is difficult enough, and I believe we all need a little break from it sometimes.

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the lightThe Light We Found by Q. D. Purdu

QDQ. D. Purdu’s debut romance, DESDEMONA FINDS THE BIG O IN LOVE won first place in the Texas Writers’ League Romance category, 2014. To be released in 2016, Desdemona's life is just fine until her ex announces on national television that he dumped her because she fakes. The scoop goes viral and plunges her into a quest to find the reason for her need to pretend. After stumbling through new lovers, a sex club, her old first love, and psycho-analysis, she finds the answer in an unlikely blunder.

Q. D. loves her rescued puppy, red wine, running through sprinklers, dark chocolate with sugared ginger, and anything wrapped in a corn tortilla. Her prized possessions include a hot pink Christmas tree and a garden full of okra and basil.

She hasn’t decided what she’ll be when she grows up, but whatever it is will be filled with romantic impossibilities.

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foreverForever Sunshine by Cary Allen Stone with Tyler Hosea

caryCary Allen Stone is a brilliant writer of psychological thrillers and murder mysteries. He writes with a keen eye for detail–the graphic violence is chillingly realistic. He delivers a taut, darkly introspective, cunning and well-executed plot by leaning towards the fallible side of his characters. He understands the criminal mind avoiding the stereotypes that dominate crime thrillers. There is a good balance of chemistry and conflict, good and evil that fans will find enthralling. His characters become embedded in our psyches and the pace of his unraveling of his thriller is a ride not easily forgotten. Cary Allen Stone is an important name to watch. This is one superb crime writer!

My backstory is, I spent almost forty years inside the cockpits of corporate jets and airlines and because of it I acquired a unique perspective of life. I was fortunate in 1992 to fly Sir Ridley Scott on a location scout in the islands. We talked about writing and building an image inside the words. He was quite a mentor.

Before all of that, I graduated from high school with a JD, juvenile delinquent, and from college with a Bachelor of Arts. I was lucky to be involved in some feature films in LA and Indie films in Phoenix. I got to play the bad guy. I have done voice-over, radio commercials, and standup comedy magic. I represented the USA alongside nine other countries in the Night of Magic in Bogota, Colombia performing before dignitaries, ambassadors and their families.

For my “Stealing Atlanta,” I received the endorsements of Clive Cussler and Tim Dorsey. My first published work was a true crime story titled, “Through a Mother’s Eyes.” It was a case study of parents who murder their children. I had a friend who murdered her six-year-old son and I did a case study of the tragedy. Respected expert, Dr. Philip Resnik, said it was the best layman’s book on the matter of “filicide.” The book has a worldwide reach, and is intended to prevent another tragedy. Book Bub did a promotion on it and 14,976 books went out in a day.

I’m a proud member of the oldest women’s writers club in the country, the Phoenix Writer’s Club, begun by women reporters in the 1920s. I also know what the CocaCola recipe is.

His series The Jake Roberts Novels has been well received by Amazon Hall of Fame Top 10 Reviewers in crime fiction and psychological thrillers from whom he receives 5–Star reviews. Action adventure author Clive Cussler and South Florida author Tim Dorsey endorsed Stealing Atlanta, his cybercrime thriller. His first published work, Through a Mother’s Eyes a true crime story, was a case study of “filicide” the parental murder of children. His subject was a friend of his who murdered her six-year-old son. The research took four years to complete, which included time spent in the correctional facility where Julie was incarcerated. Through a Mother’s Eyes has a worldwide reach. Cary’s hopes are that the story will help to prevent future tragedies from happening and to date he has received several correspondences of success.

Author Books: Website / Twitter


TylerTyler Hosea is an editor and reviewer, and with Forever Sunshine a breakout author. She has contributed to all four of Cary Allen Stone's Jake Roberts Novels. She has the difficult job of being his significant other for the past eleven years, which is no small task. Tyler's profession has always been in aviation having spent twenty years in customer service and management. Her current position in aviation is classified. One of these days you will find Tyler behind the controls of an airplane as she continues her private pilot license.

Tyler is an avid reader, a part of her nurtured by her mother since she was a young girl. She graduated with honors from Oglethorpe University. She is an official Georgia Peach having been born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She has traveled extensively around the world. Tyler has appeared on several of Cary Allen Stone's book covers. Both she and Cary will be writing their next complete book anthology continuing on from their Forever Sunshine.

Author Links: Amazon Author Page



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Confessions of an Honest Man

Confessions Of An Honest Man - Arthur Rosch

Title/Author: Confessions of an Honest Man / Art Rosch
Genre: Fiction / Coming of Age
Publisher: Amazon Digital
Date of publish: February 2016
Pages: 426
Book Links: Amazon / Goodreads / Smashwords



This book follows Aaron Kantro and his family from the depths of childhood abuse to the clear hindsight of adulthood. The compellingly addictive story takes Aaron and his siblings through the depths of hell to even darker places and along the way they learn just what they are truly capable of.

It is a powerful story written by an author able to capture the emotional honesty of his protagonists. I wanted to hate the monsters, but understanding why they were the way they were, simply made me pity them and want to weep for the children who would bear the scars for their inability to with evil. Told as chronology, it was easy to stay connected to the individual characters. As each new date showed at the beginning of the chapter, I would hope that Sarah was finally chasing down her demons; That Aaron would find a way to listen to his inner angel; Cringe at what Mark and Mari-lee would be about to do next. My heart broke for Max, a product of his age, thrown into a seething chaos that no human being should have to endure.

The story is character driven and the characters are not short on story. Each person who glances through the various lives of the Kantro family probably could have supported an entire novel just on their back-stories alone. I laughed and I wanted to cry. Somehow the human spirit with its need to create beauty will try to find a way to survive but not all those who have travel in darkness will manage to find the light.

This is a brilliant story with multiple layers. It makes me want to explore other books by Arthur Rosch. This was definitely worth the price of the download.

5 stars

Source: http://ireadwhatyouwrite.wordpress.com/2016/04/23/book-review-confessions-of-an-honest-man
Right-Hearted: Finding What's Right With a Wrong-Sided Heart - Daniel Wallock

Right-Hearted: Finding What is Right with a Wrong-Sided Heart is the raw emotional experience of teen boy who finds a similar soul in the last place he expects. The book is free on Smashwords and Amazon.

About the book:
Title/Author: Right-Hearted: Finding What is Right with a Wrong-Sided Heart / Michael Wallock
Genre: Non- Fiction / Memoir
Publisher: Smashwords
Date of publish: May 2014
Pages: 50
Book Links: Amazon / Goodreads Smashwords / Riffle




67e25d4dddade1cdd8eb9a92050b1dbf3ca29d6cthumb twOnce again, I stood alone on a hill under a full moon. The moon drifted peacefully upward into the sky. Besides my thoughts and the slightly chilling breeze, nothing was tangible to me in that moment. Anything life-changing, beautiful, or unpredictable happen today? Nothing. In the sixteen years I have experienced so far, each time I have noticed a full moon something life-altering has happened. The moon rested right above the mountains, a place I call home. When I tried to take a picture, my camera was unable to capture the image. Should have known you can’t depend on technology to capture beauty and emotion. The scar on my chest, the beating of my heart, and the mountains that fostered my appreciation for the cold, hard, natural world— these were the few things that mattered. Standing before the sky, I had little idea my next two weeks would be overwhelmed with wild love, lust, confusion, and tears.

Wallock, Daniel (2014-05-14). Right-Hearted: Finding What’s Right With a Wrong-Sided Heart (pp. 1-2). This Very Breath Publishing. Kindle Edition. .


What Others Are Saying:

Right-Hearted is a wonder. Daniel Wallock captures the pain and beauty of adolescence, of first love, of encountering death too young, but surviving. His maturity is astounding. I cannot wait to see what this talented young writer does next.
—Susannah Cahalan, Writer at New York Post and New York Times Bestselling author of Brain on Fire


In the vein of the seminal debut memoirs of Jim Carroll and Tobias Wolff, Right-Hearted is an intensely visceral and deeply sincere account of the physical and emotional struggles of a nascent writer transitioning from adolescence to young adulthood. Wallock’s life story is innately compelling—against all odds, he survived a slew of surgeries for multiple congenital heart conditions—but it is his unique voice that makes Right-Hearted such an impressive debut.

Wallock’s authorial voice contains all of the hallmarks of a visionary poet, especially his vivid descriptions of transcendent experiences in the natural world. And his story is grounded in the solid themes of life transitions, the loss of the innocence of youth, spiritual transformation, and the role of trauma in shaping our worldviews. The underlying question, which Wallock addresses with nuance and maturity, revolves around whether it is possible to maintain a sense of excitement and wonder about the world after experiencing life-altering trauma. This memoir makes a solid case for remaining optimistic.
—Scott Alexander Jones, author of elsewhere and Carpe Demons


Daniel Wallock’s honesty and sincerity in trying to capture youth in a jar like fireflies will take readers straight back to days long gone. You’ll be sixteen again, if only for the span of a few pages…
—Jamie Mason, New York Times Best Seller & Library Journal Best Book of 2013.


Daniel Wallock’s book Right-Hearted is a trip down memory lane to the heady, passionate days of first love. But Wallock writes of it while the freshness and frustration of the awkward encounters are still damp with sweat. He is Holden Caulfield, if Salinger had written Catcher In the Rye while he was still living it.
—Dwier Brown, actor and author of If You Build It.


‘Hi, my name’s Daniel. I’m learning social skills!’ I wish we were all this brave. Daniel is open handed with his latest offering – Right-Hearted, giving us glimpses of his beating heart in a style… that only Daniel can pull off. Please keep writing, Daniel!
—Amie Longmire, Editor-in-Chief at Wild Quarterly

About The Book:


From Goodreads: Right-Hearted: Finding What’s Right With A Wrong Sided Heart, is a short memoir about my life-threatening heart conditions and an unforgettable girl. I was born with a broken heart. Literally. My heart is on the right side instead of the left. I was also born with 6 other random congenital heart defects, which have demanded that I undergo dangerous open-heart surgeries since my birth 16 years ago. After my last operation 3 years ago, at barely 14, I was sent away to live so that I would not kill myself. I spent 2 years learning to accept my heart conditions and learning to appreciate my beating heart. The blurry ambulance rides, countless surgeries, metal machines and two years in a Montana therapy school have all contributed to the unique teenager I am today.

I never knew anybody who completely understood my unique struggles until that night under the full moon.

Standing before the sky I had little idea my next two weeks would be overwhelmed with wild love, lust, confusion, tears and a beautiful girl. She and I would share the stories of our hearts…our right-sided hearts. Right-Hearted: Finding What’s Right With A Wrong Sided Heart is the story of two lustful teenagers who together confront their life-threatening conditions and learn to embrace their broken hearts.

More  Praise for Right-Hearted…

Born with several congenital heart defects including having his heart on the right side of his chest, Daniel Wallock never thought he’d find somebody who’d understand all he’d been through in his 16 years… until a whirlwind two-week romance opened his eyes. This memoir from this Santa Barbara resident will touch your heart.
—Ted Mills, Santa Barbara News Press


There is a beautiful duality in Daniel Wallock’s writing: On one hand, a delicate teenage heart rupturing with new experience; on the other, a heart born broken that refuses to quit. Here is a voice, and story, you will remember.
–– Rich Walls, Founder of One Page Love Story


Right-Hearted’ is a 16-year-old’s account of something between falling in love and becoming deeply infatuated. The charms of this essay go beyond the articulate and eloquent telling of a misguided infatuation. The voice is earnest and authentic and what comes through is a respectful regard for the sometimes crushing nature of giving and receiving love. Life can feel looming and unresolved, but in the hands of a good writer it’s also inspiring.
–– JustKindleBooks.com


“Crescent” is a contemplative, existential short story about a young heart surgeon, Dr. George Ash, who is surrounded by death, struggling to find balance in his mostly solitary life. His irregular sleeping patterns lend a dreamlike atmosphere to his daily life, as he shifts from providing emotional support for his patients at the hospital to volunteering for a suicide hotline to seeking catharsis through literature, through his nascent endeavors as a writer, and through the solitude of what little nature he can find outside Los Angeles. This story finds its heart in the down-to-earth advice Dr. Ash gives to a young man struggling with suicide: “We live, we die, and we do some shit in between. Just do things you like to do.”
—Scott Alexander Jones, author of elsewhere and Carpe Demons


Wallock’s poetry is elliptical in nature, incorporating both a soft, steady pace and a great economy of words. His thoughtful writing conjures images and emotions that are not soon forgotten.
—Ariana Lyriotakis, Editor of Agave Literary Magazine

About The Author:


Daniel Wallock is a college student living in New York and the author of three books, which have been downloaded over 20,000 times across 25 countries. His poetry and prose have appeared in 20 publications including Burningword, Wild Quarterly, ExFic, The Vending Machine Press, Agave Magazine, VAYAVYA Poetry, Whistling Shade Journal, and The Bolt Magazine. Daniel has received numerous writing awards including 1st place in San Jose State University’s Nonfiction Short Story Contest. In addition to pursing a literary career Daniel spends time speaking for nonprofit organizations, doing marketing and media consulting, and designing websites.
“We were honored to have had Daniel Wallock as the keynote student speaker at our organization’s annual fundraising breakfast in October. Daniel spoke passionately about his life story, weaving a beautiful tapestry through his words and emotion. As a young writer, he has captured the essence of his story on paper beautifully, and also has the ability to translate it inspirationally from the podium. Daniel was articulate, engaging, and riveting, our guests were captivated and moved. Daniel has an amazing gift, you would be lucky to hear him speak!”
—Rochelle Bochner, Co-Founder and Executive Director ~ Sky’s the Limit Fund

Source: http://ireadwhatyouwrite.wordpress.com/2016/02/29/book-spotlight-right-hearted-finding-what-is-right-with-a-wrong-sided-heart

The Spider Jockey Academy (Unofficial Minecraft Adventures)

Box Set: The Spider Jockey Academy Series: Original Spider Jockey Action - Christopher Craft, Junior Craft, Sister Craft

Title/Author: The Spider Jockey Academy Series / Christopher Craft
Genre: Minecraft Fan Fiction
Publisher: Still Looking
Date of publish: January 2016
Recommended Ages: Middle Grades

My Review:

The Spider Jockey Academy Series  follows Boris. A human teen who has had a dream that leads him into the Minecraft world to find his way the the Spider Jockey Academy. Humans in general are not trusted by the mobs of Minecraft and though he makes some friends, most of the other students and some of his teachers are openly hostile to him being there.



Book 1- Covers his entry into the academy and his introduction to the faculty and student body. He immediately gets off on the wrong foot with history Professor Nitroe, who is intent on blaming Boris for every wrong a human has committed since the beginning of time. Also he has some runs-ins with upper-classmen Saul Sage, the zombie pigman who is the academy’s best jockey. Boris tries to keep his down and get through his classes best he can.

Book Links: Amazon The Spider Jockey Academy: The Journey (Volume 1) /Goodreads / Barnes & Noble / Riffle




Book 2- Covers year one midterms to the end of the school year. Boris[ is still dealing with hostile elements in the school and trying to navigate his way through tests that are pass or die in some cases.

Book Links: Amazon / Goodreads Riffle







Book 3- Boris has made it to his sophomore year and though he no longer has to deal with open hostility, he knows he isn’t trusted by most everyone. Also his best friend is acting bizarrely and he is sure that he is somehow the reason.

Book Links: Amazon / Goodreads / Riffle





The entire series so far has been a fun adventure that fits nicely in the Minecraft genre. Though it is unofficial fan fiction, most players will enjoy seeing the mobs as something more than game play and will enjoy learning a bit the history and heroes of this story. The illustrations are pure minecraft and there are plenty of spell and weapon lore to satisfy any young minecraft fan. As a mom who spends hours a week with MC going on somewhere around me, I can say that it has made it a bit more enjoyable for me as well. I think the rest of the series, when it comes out will be just a fun. What I like about these books, and many of the other books by this author, is the built in impetuous for kids to read. We have all seen our crafting kids with their noses buried in the latest you tube tutorials, saves and play-alongs.  While I will admit to the possible educational value in some of those, it is very nice to see the screen off and a nose buried in a book instead. Win-Win for kids and their parents/educators.

5 stars


Goodreads Summary:
51A-LrAIBiL._SX410_BO1,204,203,200_Only the strong survive. Do you have what it takes to make it through the Academy?
Deep within the mountains, legends tell of a mystical place where young men and women are trained in the mystical art of spider riding.
At the Academy, these brave few are pushed to their physical and mental limits in their pursuit of becoming a spider jockey.
It is here that the brave are set apart from the weak, and only the strong survive.Join Boris, our fearless hero, who defies all odds when he is accepted to the Academy as the first, and only, human student to ever attend. In his quest to become a legendary spider jockey, Boris must rely on his wits, strength, and his indomitable spirit to succeed, as he dodges every obstacle that comes his way.
Between difficult professors, bullies, and unimaginable odds, Boris must fight for every inch it takes to achieve his dream and reach his full potential. Will he have the stamina to do it? Can he really rise to the occasion and become an apt and able spider rider?
Book Links: Amazon / GoodreadsRiffle

About The Author:
Website / Facebook / Twitter
81V3ccsQ4eL._UX250_Christopher Craft loves gaming! He has played a ton of games. He loves letting his imagination run wild when he is building in Minecraft or defending against attacks in Clash of Clans.

He holds nothing back when gaming, just like in his adventures! So come along and immerse yourself in epic quests that will take you into realms only ever imagined.

All these amazing stories came to life through Christopher’s dreams. From Minecraft to Clash… from Angry Birds to League… there are no limits to his dreams or his imagination!

The Obsidian Knights Adventure Series takes you on a fantastical journey filled with Intergalactic Dragons… Knights from an Ancient Order… Worlds formed before the foundations of time… The universe you know is not all that there is, as you will soon discover!

Minecraft Fan Fiction Parodies are one of his favorites! He has always wondered what they might try and tell us if they could. So come along and venture into galaxies and alternate game realities.

Fit for all ages.

Source: http://ireadwhatyouwrite.wordpress.com/2016/02/28/book-review-spider-jockey-series

Ellie's Best Beach Adventure Ever By Marci and Elle Fair

The Amazing Adventures of Ellie the Elephant - Ellie's Best Beach Vacation Ever (Volume 4) - Cornelia Murariu, Elle Fair, Marci Fair

About the book:
Title/Author: The Amazing Adventures of Ellie the Elephant: Ellie’s Best Beach Vacation Ever / Marci Fair and Elle Fair
Genre: Children’s
Date of publish:
Recommended Ages:
Book Links: Amazon The Amazing Adventures of Ellie the Elephant – Ellie’s Best Beach Vacation Ever (Volume 4) / GoodreadsRiffle

When my son was little he and I had loads of fun with his stuffed puppy buddy Fluffy. Fluffy went on car rides with us and out to dinner. She loved the park and had a way making holidays a little more fun. I have hundreds of photos documenting their inseparable friendship and her crazy hi-jinks. You can probably guess that I am absolutely in love with premise behind The Amazing Adventures of Ellie the Elephant.


The Amazing Adventures of Ellie The Elephant: Ellie Makes A New Friend! (Volume 1)


The Amazing Adventures of Ellie The Elephant: Ellie’s First Plane Ride (Volume 2)


The Amazing Adventures of Ellie The Elephant: Ellie Goes Back To School (Volume 3)

In this absolutely delightful series of children’s books, written by Marci Fair and her twelve year old daughter Elle, Plushy Buddies Elli the Elephant and her best friend Pudgy the Penguin do fun things like go to school and go on an airplane trip. In the latest adventure, “Ellie’s Best Beach Vacation Ever,” they go to the beach and do all kinds of fun stuff like swimming, a visit to a playground, sightseeing while riding bikes and building a sand fortress.

28637492Ellie’s Best Beach Vacation Ever by Marci and Elle Fair

This sweet book is full of enchanting live action photos of Ellie and Pudgy in real places. The text is simple and perfect for bedtime stories or for beginner sight word readers. The story line is easy to follow and full of terrific ideas for beach fun. I love that a trip to the beach includes a visit to the bookstore. The joy of shopping for actual books in a local bookstore is an adventure all kids should be exposed to.

In the back of each book is a tutorial for uploading pictures of your favorite stuffed friends, having fun adventures of their own, to Ellie and Pudgy’s Facebook page. I couldn’t suggest this book to parents for their younger children any more.
Scroll down to see Lian’s review of Ellie’s Best Beach Adventure Ever and click HERE to read his interview with Marci Fair

5 stars

We received copies of this book and Ellie Goes to School in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed these books. I also love that someone my age is responsible for helping to write them. Very cool!




Readability: 5- The book is set up like a scrapbook and the text reads like captions. It is a fun way to read a book.

Age Appropriate 5- The size of the font and the layout of the book is perfect for bedtime stories and I think parents or older siblings will enjoy sharing it.

Illustrations: 5- The mixed media pages of photos of the stuffed animals having their adventures, mixed with fun traditional illustrations is truly an innovative idea. My art teacher would love it.

Holds Interest: 5 – I wanted to be there with them. Playing with their toys on the beach or reading books with them at the book store.

Did I Like It?: 5- These are fun adventures. Ellie and Pudgy are obviously great friends. I enjoyed reading this book









28637492Ellie’s Best Beach Vacation Ever by Marci and Elle Fair

Goodreads Summary: Ellie the elephant and Pudgy the penguin are stuffed animals…and the best of friends. They have been on many adventures together, like moving to a new neighborhood, flying on an airplane, visiting animal friends and relatives at a zoo, going back to school together to meet new teachers and learn—and now they get to enjoy a summer adventure on a wonderful beach vacation!

The excitement mounts as Ellie and Pudgy pack their beach balls and sunglasses and jump in the car for the game-filled drive to the coast.

Once they arrive, Ellie and Pudgy head straight for the beach to dig in the warm sand, swim in the sparkly blue ocean, and see lots of colorful fish. Then they head out for an afternoon packed full of fun!

Join in the adventure as these best friends share many new experiences while on their special beach vacation—traveling to a new place, trying new activities, riding bikes, enjoying a froggie lunch and sweet treats, swimming, building the biggest sandcastle ever, visiting an un-butterfly garden and much more as they spend a sunny day outside and explore this special beach town!

Author Info:  Website / Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads

As a working mother of four children, Marci Fair was inspired to share the hard-earned wisdom she gained from juggling work and motherhood for over twenty years. This labor of love resulted in her award winning book “TILT-7 Solutions To Be A Guilt-free Working Mom.” She teaches us that “Balance is impossible; memories are better.”

In addition, Marci and her twelve year old daughter Elle are writing an adventure series of books about Elle’s two favorite stuffed animals, Ellie the Elephant and Pudgy the Penguin. Their award winning series has been on the Amazon Best Seller lists as it shares imagination, creativity and adventure with its young audience.

Along with a professional career, Marci also founded Kares 4 Kids (www.kares4kids.com), which has served over 24,000 children in need since 2005. A portion of every book sale goes to Kares 4 Kids

Source: http://ireadwhatyouwrite.wordpress.com/2016/02/28/book-review-ellies-best-beach-vacation-ever

City of Gold by Carolyn Arnold

City of Gold (Matthew Connor Adventure Series) - Carolyn Arnold


About the book:
Title/Author: City of Gold (Matthew Connor Adventure Series Book 1) / Carolyn Arnold
Genre: Adventure Thriller
Publisher: Hibbert & Stiles Publishing Inc
Date of publish: November 2015
Book Links: Amazon City of Gold (Matthew Connor Adventure Series)
/ Goodreads / Barnes & Noble / Riffle

What Others Are Saying:

What you get is a near-perfect mix…heart-pounding escapades and near-misses, balanced by moments of – if not levity, at least a temporary release of the pressure cooker.
~Back Porchervations

 It’s fast paced, at times even edge of your seat and held my attention through out the entire story.
~Tea and A Book

Ms. Arnold does a great job with the prologue; a discovered treasure, a chase through the forest, a waterfall jump and more than plenty of lively commentary between the three “treasure hunters” to keep a reader turning the page.
~Queen of All She Reads

This was a quick, entertaining read – I devoured it in one sitting!
~The Book’s the Thing

The story was reminiscent of the Indiana Jones movies. If you like those, you will enjoy this book.
~Brooke Blogs

This is definitely akin to an Indian Jones story set in modern times. There is very fast paced action and danger in one scenario with some good investigative twists at the home front.
~Reviews by Martha’s Bookshelf

My Review:

CITY-OF-GOLDI am new to this author, but won’t be a stranger for long, this is easily one oft he best books I will read all year. The first paragraph sucks you in and then hang on for a non stop, pulse pounding ride. Matthew Connor is an archaeologist. He and his closest friends Robyn, the curator of a major metropolitan museum and Cal, a travel photographer, make up a treasure hunting team, the likes of which would make Indiana Jones proud. Like Indy, Matt has a nemesis who doesn’t mind playing dirty to get the goods. When Cal’s girlfriend Sophie is kidnapped in order to retrieve an artifact the team had found,  the team must make a trek into the South American Jungle to find the fabled Incan lost City of Gold to use as leverage to get her back.

The first thing that struck me about this story was how it appeals to the five senses. I could feel bullets whipping by and hear the splintering of the trees. I could smell the perfumed guests at the party. I was trapped in underground tunnels and felt my heart bursting for air while under feet of water. This was an interactive reading experience. The characters are brought to a life-like status. Each carries his or his her own emotional attachment for the readers and none are unimportant. One would expect Matt and his team to carry the story with their adventures, with tagalong bad guys, into the jungle and underground caves with all the inherent dangers and traps along away the way, and they do. However, just as much is taking place back in Toronto where police and Matt’s team are closing in on their investigation of Sophie’s disappearance. There wasn’t a dull moment in this book. I highly recommend this high octane thriller.

5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads Summary: Finding the Inca’s lost City of Gold would be the discovery of a lifetime. But failing could mean her death…

Archaeologist Matthew Connor and his friends Cal and Robyn are finally home after a dangerous retrieval expedition in Cambodia. While they succeeded in obtaining the priceless Pandu artifact they sought, it almost cost them their lives. Still, Matthew is ready for the next adventure. Yet when new intel surfaces indicating the possible location of the legendary City of Gold, Matthew is hesitant to embark on the quest.

Not only is the evidence questionable but it means looking for the lost city of Paititi far away from where other explorers have concentrated their efforts. As appealing as making the discovery would be, it’s just too risky. But when Cal’s girlfriend, Sophie, is abducted by Matthew’s old nemesis who is dead-set on acquiring the Pandu statue, Matthew may be forced into action. Saving Sophie’s life means either breaking into the Royal Ontario Museum to steal the relic or offering up something no one in his or her right mind can refuse—the City of Gold.

Now Matthew and his two closest friends have to find a city and a treasure that have been lost for centuries. And they only have seven days to do it. As they race against the clock, they quickly discover that the streets they seek aren’t actually paved with gold, but with blood.

About The Author:

Carolyn-Author-Photo-2013-ColorCAROLYN ARNOLD is the international best-selling and award-winning author of the Madison Knight, Brandon Fisher, and McKinley Mystery series. She is the only author with POLICE PROCEDURALS RESPECTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT.™

Carolyn was born in a small town, but that doesn’t keep her from dreaming big. And on par with her large dreams is her overactive imagination that conjures up killers and cases to solve. She currently lives in a city near Toronto with her husband and two beagles, Max and Chelsea. She is also a member of Crime Writers of Canada.

Connect with CAROLYN ARNOLD Online:

Website      Twitter    Facebook

And don’t forget to sign up for her newsletter for up-to-date information on release and special offers at http://carolynarnold.net/newsletters.

Purchase Links

  Amazon US- City of Gold (Matthew Connor Adventure Series)
  Amazon UK      Amazon CA    Amazon AU
Barnes & Noble    Apple iBooks   Kobo

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Betrayal 2: Detective Exposed - Sharea Harris

About the book:
Title/Author: Betrayal 2- Detective Exposed
Genre: Mystery / Thriller
Publisher: Create Space
Date of publish: December 2015
Pages: 272
Book Links:
Amazon / Betrayal 2: Detective Exposed / Goodreads / Barnes & Noble  / Riffle / Booklikes


My Review:

Betrayal 2 is the intriguing intertwining of three lives. The lynch pin of the story is crime boss, Stone. Detective Crystal Winters took some hush money in order to keep tabs on a case her superiors ordered her to drop. Now Stone is blackmailing her, happy to have what he thinks is another dirty cop in his pocket. As she works to find the evidence she needs to clear her name, she and her partner are assigned to a murder with ties to Stone and to a case that her partner had worked 11 years prior. As Winters looks closer she finds what could be ties between her partner and Stone.

Shawna is girlfriend to one of Stone’s local bully boys, until she catches him with another woman and sees him for what he is. Pushed to her limit, resentment for a life of abuse and mistreatment at the hands of men, bubbles over bringing her to Stone’s attention, resulting in some unlikely and deadly partnerships.

Stone is used to being top dog in his neighborhood, but he, and all those close to him, are being hunted by someone who knows Stone’s daily movements very well and has an agenda. As this invisible person closes in on his prey, all three; Winters, Shawna, and Stone, find themselves maneuvering to keep from being pulled under in a riptide of suspense and violence.

As always, I have the luck of coming in mid-way in a series. I am happy to say that this novel stands alone quite well. This is a well written, character driven thriller. All the pieces of a fantastic story fall into place beautifully

5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Goodreads Synopsis:

Detective Crystal Winters is caught between her loyalty to the force and $50,000 in hush money she received after witnessing a murder. Fresh off a case she was advised to let go, she fell into the sight of Stone, a well know kingpin in Buffalo, New York. After no success with trying to break Detective Winters; They present her with evidence of her working the rogue case and accepting hush money. Detective Winters is on a mission to bury Stone and clear her name. The deeper she digs into Stone’s past, the more people she discovers have been in his pocket.

Detective Johnson is haunted by an 11-year old case. When the medical examiner find s a shell casing at a recent crime scene, Detective Johnson disappears.

After suffering years of abuse at the hands of other men, Shawna finds the love of her life: Johnny Boy. He spoils her with gifts and all the attention she could ever desire. That is until she finds him in bed with another woman and the tables turn. His true intentions with Shawna are revealed. The pain is overwhelming and leads her to commit murder.





Betrayal 2: Detective Exposed

Source: http://ireadwhatyouwrite.wordpress.com/2016/02/24/book-review-betrayal-2-detective-exposed
Happy Homicides 2: Thirteen Cozy Mysteries (Crimes of the Heart) - Carolyn Haines, Kathi Daley, Linda Gordon Hengerer, Teresa Trent, Nancy Jill Thames, Annie Adams Fields, Maggie Toussaint, Randy Rawls, Anna Celeste Burke Anna Celeste Burke, Camille Minichino, Neil Plakcy, Joanna Campbell Slan, Elaine Viets

What could be better than a Cozy Mystery? How about 13 of them. Happy Homicides 2 is a lively, funny, and endearing, just a touch of dark side, set of short stories with a Valentine twist. They will delight the Cozy reader. Many stories offer new episodes for existing series characters and as I don’t have much time to read just for fun, I love these fleeting glimpses into what and who I should make more time to read. This is great window into the various writing styles of the individual authors and none of these short stories and novellas leave the reader wanting as all are filled with diverse and complex characters, intriguing story-lines and the occasional bit of dark humor.

Of particular note is Camille Minichino’s Sodium Arrow, as I don’t think I have ever read a story about a freelance embalmer before. Also of interest in the ‘occupation’ category is Joanna Campell Slan’s, Stupid Cupid. It was pleasure reading about Cara Mia Delgado’s shop and how she finds items to re-purpose. I enjoyed the inclusion of the male authors and sleuths. Too often Cozy is considered the domain of women and a little diversity is a great thing. The anthology includes a bonus story and a free gift of recipes and craft ideas that compliment the stories. It offers something for everyone, romance, murder and mystery. It is a great way to spend a few afternoons.

5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Exit Wound Review

Exit Wound (Broken Promise) (Volume 1) - Alexandra Moore

AMAZON US: Exit Wound (Broken Promise Book 1)

AMAZON UK: Exit Wound (Broken Promise Book 1)

My Review:

Newly graduated from high school and heading to Dartmouth to study music production, Bea is looking for a summer internship with her brother’s touring rock band to allow her to set free her high school demons. Still reeling from the death of her best friend six months before, Bea isn’t quite sure where she fits in the world. Instead of simple summer reforging a relationship with her brother, Ben, she finds herself constantly on the defensive as she learns to navigate Ben’s professional world, all the while dealing with her mother in rehab, a classmate from high school as a fellow intern and the band’s drummer looking forward to rekindling their previous relationship.

Meanwhile, someone is stalking her, leaving anonymous text messages filled with photos of what should be private moments with threats of violence to come and a debt to pay…

This should be a five star read. Brilliant characters along with terrifically written exposition should have been enough. I think the author tried to put too much in this book and I am hoping it is because it will work itself out in subsequent installments.  Bea’s music was a great story hook but seems shoved into the rest of the story, especially as it isn’t made clear until far into the book that Bea went to a high school for the arts and while it is eventually mentioned that she, like her brother, is a musician and song writer she is going to college for music production which is in a whole other direction.  It just seemed odd having the A/R guy bugging her the way he did. Also the twist ending should have been explosive, but with very little investment for the reader in that story-line, since it came out of virtually nowhere, it seemed to be nothing more than an excuse to have another book.

While maybe a bit more time spent filling out secondary story-lines might have helped, they weren’t really needed. Bea’s coming of age, dealing with her friends’ deaths and reaffirming her relationships with her brother and the other band members, is a wonderful compelling story made stronger by her having to come to grips with her childish behavior toward Splinter in high school along with her need for introspection into her temper and drinking issues, then seasoned beautifully with the suspense and terror of being stalked (which I will add lost all its bite because the synopsis of the book gives away the bad guy before reading even begins, leaving the reader to now more than Bea. May I suggest a SPOILER ALERT)

My instinct is to rate this book a three, however the ability of the author to flesh out  the characters in a way that makes them leap off the written page and the emotional honesty of Bea’s narration leads me to think that there is great potential here and the next books will be phenomenal. Furthermore I do believe there is a young adult audience for this book.

4 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Source: http://ireadwhatyouwrite.wordpress.com/2016/02/22/book-tour-spotlight-and-giveaway-exit-wound-by-alexandra-moore

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