Valentine: An On Dublin Street Novella

Valentine: An On Dublin Street Novella - Samantha Young This novella has six short stories about couples in love and how they spend their Valentine’s Day. The typical Valentine’s Day story involves cynical singles, wary of love and complaining about it. These stories were refreshing in that all the stories were about couples, mostly married, who are in love and still in lust, with all the ups and downs that implies. That was nice to read about.

I figured that this was part of a series. What I didn’t realize is that the couples appearing in this book, are recurring characters from previous books. I simply love that idea. It does what it is supposed to do, it makes me want to read the rest of the ‘On Dublin Street’ books and just about anything else written by this author if I am honest. If you are looking for steamy Valentine’s read with characters that are easy to connect with, this is a great way to spend the afternoon.