Stockholm Diaries, Caroline

Stockholm Diaries, Caroline - Rebecca  Hunter Caroline is a photographer who is on assignment to interview ex-patriots around the world. It is her dream job, and the chance to break free of a life that was stifling her. Sweden is her first stop and will last only weeks before she off to a new country. Niklas is a former NHL hockey player, currently playing for the Sweden national team. He has a temper and a past. Neither is in a place where a relationship makes sense, but they are drawn to one another nonetheless.

The best part about this book is the setting. Caroline is new to world travel and Stockholm. It is terrific to see the city through her eyes. That she tends to see it through a camera lens just makes it all the better. All the little details of daily life in this country add so much to the story. The main characters have a lot of potential, but tend fall a bit flat. Caroline is trying a little too hard to break free of men ruling her life, it is an old saw that was brought up a bit too much. Niklas is a stereotypical hockey player with anger management issues and his constant withdrawal at times leaned toward tedious. Still the love story itself was sweet and the ending was unexpected. I am looking forward to continuing the story in the next book.