A Blizzard Wedding

A Blizzard Wedding - Gay N. Lewis, Carlene Havel, Linda Carroll-Bradd, Kimberly B. Jackson Typically I wouldn’t review a book this old for a holiday spotlight, as I would prefer to showcase newer books or books by authors with new books coming out soon. I chose to include this book though because I was intrigued by how it was written. Books by many authors is nothing new, however they are generally an anthology of short stories and this particular story was written in a round robin style. This is a popular online forum game that my son and I have played since he was old enough to make up stories, but I have to say there is nothing game-like about how this story turned out.

It is a short story, the culmination of two previous stories about the main characters, Luke and Rachel. In previous stories they meet and fall in love. In this story they are to be wed in a Valentine’s Wedding in a mountain resort. It wouldn’t be much of story ( or a wedding) if everything went smoothly. A freak storm has blown up delaying the flights of the guests, the Groom is missing, the Maid of Honor and the Best Man don’t seem to like each other and the hotel where the wedding is to take place is running on back up generators that have been damaged by the storm. At least the cake is perfect.

I kept reading expecting to see where one author leaves off and another begins and I couldn’t tell. It was a delightful, against the odds, romance story from beginning to end, with no obvious seams. The writing exercise that produced this story was a success and I am happy to have read it. Despite part of an on-going saga, this stood alone very well.