Out of the Box Awakening

Out of the Box Awakening - Jennifer Theriot As modern technology and advances are increasing the average human life span, so to does the vigor of youth extend. While once forty was considered to be mid-life, these days 60 is the new 40. It is about time someone wrote romance for this generation that is romantic and sexy. What is the point of being a grown up with all the experience of having dealt with the obstacles life has thrown at you if you don’t get to enjoy life just a little bit?

Out of the Box Awakening is the story of Olivia. A 50-something empty-nester who is beginning to find her self again after thirty years of being just “Mom” or “Mrs.”. Her husband has been transferred to Chicago from Houston, requiring her to pack up her home and contemplate starting a new life in a new place. While she is apprehensive, she approaches the new adventure as catalyst to find herself and breathe fresh life into her increasingly stale marriage. However, before the movers have even delivered her things to the new city, she is faced with fact that her marriage is over and she is on her own. Luckily she has Ash, the man her husband had arranged for them to stay with while they looked for a new home and who now offers Olivia a safe haven while she moves forward to this new chapter in her life.

It is always fun to catch a glimpse of oneself in a book. Reading about places I know, movies I have seen or music I listen to is a little thrill making the characters more real and approachable. Like Olivia, I too have a music play list that is all over the place from classical to country to rap and something from everything in between. Most people I know think that is nuts, but that is how I listen to music and I immediately connected with Olivia and her play list. I am also blessed to be married to a musician and have a son who is following in his footsteps. It didn’t take me long to take to Ash and Tommy as well. Ms. Theriot has done a terrific job of capturing the voice and characterization of this whole extended family. Each person adds something distinct to the whole, making the fabric of the story a little more vibrant. Family, those you are born to and those you find along the way, is the foundation of this story and though the romance is deliciously steamy and sweet, that is what I take from this book.

I am not certain how Olivia ever managed to have a life with her cardboard cutout drip of an ex- husband, or managed to raise such fantastic kids, a common theme for many women her age, I am sure. I am also certain the best thing he ever did for them was to move aside and let them look for happiness in another place. It was a pleasure to be a part of Olivia’s journey to find herself. It is great to believe that love can be found at any age.