The Headmaster's Cave (The Adventures of George and Flanagan #1)

The Headmaster's Cave (The Adventures of George and Flanagan #1) - D.S. Allen When a puzzling email is anonymously sent to him and his school friends, George and his friend Katie find themselves on a trek to find their missing friend Dougie, when he is lured by the mystery of The Headmaster’s Cave, a dangerous cave reputed to hold treasure and the center of the town’s most heinous crime. On the way they have to dodge bullies, a crazy old lady with a pack of dogs, the mysterious sender of the email and maybe a ghost. The three friends along with Flan, George’s dog, need to be smart to stay safe.

This was a fun read. What kid can resist the lure of an old legend, especially when it might involve your family and no one is willing to talk about it? The theme is as timeless as Tom Sawyer. This should be a popular chapter book with the 8-12 crowd. I particularly enjoyed how the friends stood up for each other even though they didn’t necessarily agree with their friends actions. The story isn’t over and I am looking forward to the next adventure for these kids.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review