Next Door To A Star

Next Door To A Star - Krysten Lindsay Hager Next Door to a Star is the perfect example of why teenage friendships can seem so hard. Hadley doesn’t mean to be a loner, but making friends is not always easy for her, or so she thinks. She is easily intimidated by the “popular” girls and doesn’t always let her own attributes shine through. As is typical with most teens she just wants to fit in. Also, as is typical with most teens, she doesn’t realize that the “grass is always greener”. Just because the popular crowd seems to have it all doesn’t mean that life is any easier for them. This was a well written depiction of the drama and sorrow of the A- crowd.

I spent the first part of this book frustrated with Hadley. It just seemed like she wanted too badly to be included with a crowd of ‘friends’ that she had very little in common with. As the story progressed though, it became obvious that most of the characters were doing the same thing. I was very pleased with the friendship dynamic that eventually evolved, because it clear from the start that that is how it was supposed to be. I do see a future for this group of girls.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.