Gorgon - Geoffrey C. Saign Gorgon, is a terrific middle grades book. Although I came into this story on the middle, I had no trouble keeping up with the backstory. It follows the next step in the story of Samantha and Jake who have had some time to rest from saving the world, but they haven’t quite recovered from their ordeal. Both are still affected by what happened and before they can really begin to talk about it they are thrown headlong into a new adventure that not only threatens the safety of both Earth and KiraKu, but could mean that they lose their parents. The ancient schism in KiraKu leading to so many of its residents living in our world is finally coming to a head and Samantha and Jake will find that they can only trust in each other to get to the other side of it.

I love mythology origin stories and this one has done a fabulous job explaining the explainable. The denizens of KiraKu make for a rich tapestry to set this story against. The twist and turns in the story kept my head spinning and opened the door beautifully for a new sequel. Especially fun is Samantha’s encylopedia-like knowledge of animal species. This book is a must for the nerds around your house. I also truly appreciated that the story was equal opportunity. Too often MG stories are written about and for a specific gender. A story like this will appeal to both.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review