Mr. Meeker

Mr. Meeker - Dwayne Fry There is something to be said for a great short story. Not every author can deliver in that format. Often the story never reaches a conclusion or it drags out into a full length novel. When I try to write them, It is usually both. Hats off to Mr. Frye for keeping me entertained.

Mr. Meeker is a delightfully eccentric character adrift in a circle of oblivious people. He is certain that he has been abducted by aliens, though aliens from where is a question that takes some answering. His wife thinks he is nuts and his boss thinks he is useless. He wavers between needing to get some sleep and needing to tell the world of impending doom. It is a delightful snark set against what should be the backdrop of the over paranoid 1950’s. I am not even ashamed that I was so caught up in the obliviousness of this bizarre cast of characters, that I didn’t see the end coming. This story was a terrific way to spend a few minutes and I am grateful that it was suggested to me. I am most certainly looking forward to reading more by this author.