Brooding City

Brooding City - Tom Shutt Brooding City is about police detective Arthur Brennan. He and his partner are called to the scene of a baffling murder, the investigation of which will lead them into the city’s dark underbelly of crime. Their lives could be the price to find the murderer and stop the flow of a drug that is infesting the city and has already taken its toll on Brennan.

Meanwhile, spending the summer on his family’s ranch, is Jeremy. A young man obsessing with an old tower on the family property. An injury sustained while exploring the tower opens his mind to an incredible and frightening power that will give him intimate knowledge that could change his family forever and lead him to do things he would never have imagined.

At first the two stories seem very much unrelated, but the reader does eventually find a most interesting connection between Jeremy and Brennan. What it means in the grand scheme of the story isn’t readily obvious.

This book kept my attention. Both stories were equally enthralling, with equally interesting characters and thrilling twists. Despite bouncing back and forth between the two, I never felt like I had to get through one to get back to the other. I was content to wait to see how they intersected. While I do still have some unanswered questions, I can wait for the next book.

I gratefully received a copy of this book in return for a fair and honest review.