Mongolia and the Golden Eagle

Mongolia and the Golden Eagle - Bradford G. Wheler This tale follows Cornell professor, Robert Johnson as he is mysteriously pulled from his classes to head up the project for a major archaeological grant set up by the head a worldwide High Tech firm, Walter Falone. Johnson has worked with him and the company before to great success, but something about this venture just seems off. He soon realizes that he and his team are the cover story for a race to find missing technology lost in the wilds of Mongolia. Before it is over the adventure will include international spies, a Navajo Windtalker, the best in high-tech cyber technology and Russian fighter planes.

If you were ever curious about how a research grant works, then professor Johnson and his assistant Abby, will put that curiosity to rest. As the main reason for the team to be in Mongolia, studying in a very specific place, reveals itself, the team takes up the time with outlining the scientific needs of the Mongolian academia. Also through the various team members, like Sumo, a retired wrestler with a way for negotiation and the heart of a professional Foodie, Mongolian park rangers , a young goatherd and sociologists on the team, you meet the Mongolian people and learn a great deal about their way of life and history.

Through negotiations with the various institutions, ministries and as things tense up between the team, with its high-tech counterparts and Chinese cyber-spies, the readers are given glimpse into the ongoing power struggle between Russia and China over Mongolian interests.

What I take most away from this book is a real feel for Mongolia. Everything from the most parts of the cities to the rugged inaccessible areas of the national parks were described in such in depth and vivid detail, supported by beautiful illustrations, that it really was like being there. The amount of research that went into this book must have been staggering.

4 stars
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.