Sky Ghosts: Marco

Sky Ghosts: Marco - Alexandra Engellmann In this Prequel to Sky Ghosts: All For One, we learn more about Marco, one of the more engaging characters from the first book. In ‘All For One’, Marco and Pain are close friends and sparring partners. Marco is a bit irreverent and seemingly salacious. It is hinted that he has a past he doesn’t want to talk about.

In this story, Marco ends up at Headquarters under suspicious circumstances, after apparently taking down six Beasts on his own. He and, then sixteen year old, Pain take an instant disliking to each other and in true Sky Ghost fashion their rivalry moves quickly from taunts and pranks to outright violence. This was a terrific opportunity to see more of the inner workings of Sky Ghost Headquarters.

Knowing the two become close friends eventually doesn’t take the edge off this short story. It was also nice getting to know more about a few of the peripheral characters. Pain may be the focus of the series, but I am certain each of the Ghosts could carry their own volume quite easily. Skull and Betsy? I have to know to more. This is a world I will gladly visit again.

I received a copy of this story in exchange for a fair and honest review.