Cursed: Traitor's Trail

Cursed: Traitor's Trail - L.S.  Matthews Cursed follows Jaob the leader of a clan of displaced tribal nomads, facing prejudice and violence. This group has undergone a physical change that imbues them with powers that are not easily controlled, leaving their families and neighbors to believe they are cursed and should be banished or worse. He rescues them and offers them a place of peace among others like them. He must keep them and their village, New Hope, hidden from those who would hunt them.

Aya is a young woman, who realizes as she is about to become betrothed, that she wants more from her life than typical tribal existence offers. A series of events causes her to become an outcast and leads her to New Hope, but she finds that she may not be welcome among fellow outcasts either. To make things worse she is being pursued by an evil king for some unknown purpose. She must find her power and convince those around her that she is not what they think.

This is truly a novel experience in fantasy fiction. It took me a while to size my thinking to this world, it might have done with a little back story. However, it is a solid read from cover to cover. The main characters were easy to become invested in and the mystery was enough to keep me turning pages. There is so much history latent in the real mystery of this story that I can’t wait to come back and see what happens in the next installments.

I received a copy of this book free in exchange for a fair and honest review