Linked (Cage of Lies, #2)

Linked (Cage of Lies, #2) - Susanne Valenti Explosive! This is a roller coaster ride of action and adventure. This book picks up several weeks after the end of Chained. Maya, Taylor and Laurie have been training hard in the hopes of returning to Harbour City to rescue Maya’s parents. Getting the mission approved is just the beginning. The core group is joined by Luca, Gregor and Crystal and the each add their strengths and baggage to the story. A scouting mission to the City leads to an unexpected place when the Maya and two others are kidnapped causing the team to come after them with a vengeance. This leads to the inclusion of a new character. Finally able to scout out the city they come up with a brilliant plan that is doable, but takes a heavy toll on the team. The end is twist that no one sees coming.

Fantastic. This book explores more the outside world and the people that inhabit it. It gives so much more insight on the characters we have become attached to, and introduces us to several more. While the main story still focuses on Maya and is in fact told from her prospective, all of the characters are far more developed than in the previous books. There are still some loose ends from book 1 to tie up and we are left with whole lot new ones for the next book.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review