Soul Warrior

Soul Warrior - Falguni Kothari This epic tale is about the lives of Karna, an immortal who has the thankless and tiresome job of hunting demons in the human world. This is made more difficult by the strained relationships he shares with the powers that be and with his brothers and their wife. It is decided for him that he will train a group of fledgling celestial demon hunters, one of whom is his very human daughter. His daughter that he didn’t know existed until now and who is at the center of two rival prophecies, neither of which bode for her survival.

Soul Warrior is truly one of the best books I have read since I began my book blog. To be honest I really didn’t think I would like it and I love being surprised. I am not all familiar with the Indian mythology and concepts behind the story, except in the most glancing way, yet that didn’t matter a bit. This masterfully crafted world was a joy to read about. I am still trying to process the layers of story and characters and still reeling from the ending.

It always difficult to add a modern aspect to an ancient world that is well known by so many. I believe the author has done a spectacular job doing this. I am as curious as I can be to find out more about the legends that inspired this. Any one aspect of the story would have been worthy of the book all on its own, the story of the gods, the personal relationships, the growing connection between Karna, his daughter and her mother. Together it is a pulse pounding race to the end to see how it could possible turn well for the characters that invite so much emotional investment.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review