Mike and the Dog-Gone Labradoodle

Mike and the Dog-Gone Labradoodle - Emlyn Chand Mike and the Dog-Gone Labradoodle follows Mike Adams as he tries to impress the new girl in school, Nic, by helping her find her lost dog. When an afternoon spent with his best friend Tyler, along with Nic, looking all over town for the dog comes up empty, Mike is forced to admit that his twin sister Maddie and her best friend Bree might have some great ideas. Only by all five of the sixth graders joining forces can they hope to piece together where Baxter may have gotten off to and who knows what great things that could lead to?

This is an adorable chapter book adventure for elementary school aged kids. Kid sleuths are always a big hit with that crowd and this book has five of them. It promotes the idea that kids who have different strengths and interests can work together and even be friends. The Pet Shop Society promises to be an entertaining set of books. Ages 7-11is the suggested age range. I do think this story will appeal to that age group and children even younger will enjoy having it read to them. However, I feel that the reading level is around third or fourth grade.

I gratefully accepted a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review