Super Sporty 8: The Attack of the Pegasi

Super Sporty 8: The Attack of the Pegasi - Ellie Firestone Book 8 in the Super Sporty Series is high octane kid fun. Horsecitty is being threatened by a super villain with an army of Pegasus like creatures. Only Pegasus is a myth and this villain has already been vanquished by our sporty duo. Our heroes’ first attempt to gather information has left Sporty with a broken leg and banged up wings and it seems that this time She and Harley may just be over matched.

I am fairly new to the Super Sporty series and I haven’t quite gotten used to a world where horses walk upright and are super heroes. Reading this with my family brought up a flurry of questions about how that works. The question at the top of the list is, “How do you text with hooves?”. It does work and very well. Super Sporty is a fun book for upper elementary school kids.

We received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.