Chosen: Brink of Dawn (Young Adult Fantasy Thriller)

Chosen: Brink of Dawn (Young Adult Fantasy Thriller) - Jeff Altabef, Erynn Altabef, Lane Diamond, Whitney Smyth This is the second installment in The Chosen series. It picks up the story of Juliet and Troy as they leave Arizona and make their way to the New York City in hopes of finding out more information about Juliet’s Chosen Status. We are also introduced to Connor, Blake and Akari, The remaining chosen from around the world. They recieve training and more information about their mission, but all is not what they seem, and they need to be careful about they trust.

I, sadly, missed out on the first book of this series. An oversight, I hope to soon correct. While it was obvious that I dropped into the middle of a moving story, it wasn’t hard to keep up. Flashbacks and exposition kept me up to date on the previous part of the story, while adding insight and texture to current story.

The group of chosen are a diverse bunch and each adds something great to the mix. It was an enjoyable adventure. The authors have created a brilliant world, with a unique take on what could be considered a tired genre. Kids ages 10 and up should very much enjoy reading this, though the relationships between the characters will appeal more to Jr. high kids and up.

I recieved a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review