It's A Marshmallow World: A Rock and Roll Fantasy

It's A Marshmallow World: A Rock and Roll Fantasy - Diane Rinella Some people are born to conform to the world and work within it and others are free spirits who just shine. It often takes a lot of courage to go against the flow and be exactly who you are. Darla inherited her independent streak from her Grangran, a quirky bohemian with a supernatural side, who always encouraged Darla to do what comes naturally. She lived life to the fullest until her death at the grand young age of 92, setting Darla on a course to do things her way. Others aren’t so lucky to have such a “bad” influence.

Years later while hanging out on a typical Friday night with her best girlfriends at their soon-to-be-trendy usual favorite bar, Darla meets Chris, a super hot guy without the usual cheesy pick up lines. He piques her interest, but after their first date goes sour, with him doing all the things guaranteed1 to tick her off, she is ready to write him off. That is, until Grangran intervenes.

This was a delightful Christmas read. Though it is short it is filled with wonderful characters and a story, with such brilliant undertones, that you hope won’t ever end.