Finn's Rocket--a surfer catches air

Finn's Rocket--a surfer catches air - Serena Schreiber Finn's Rocket is the next installment of the kids action series. It is summer vacation and Gabby is headed to Space Camp while Finn is in the rocket competition. Gabby is a bit apprehensive at first, but soon finds that she is enjoying the Space Camp experience. Things go horribly wrong when the camp director has nefarious plans of her own that involve sending Gabby into space. Finn races to the rescue talking his way onto a commercial space flight. However, finding Gabby and bringing her home safely are two different things.

I am kind of torn about this book. It seems as if it can't decide if it is for the middle grade crowd, as Gabby's side of the story, and the cover art, is appropriate for, or for older teens as Finn's side of the story is. I do feel that kidnapping for unauthorized experiments and fatal terrorist attacks have little place in fun fiction for elementary school kids. That said, the story is action packed and always moving full speed ahead. The supporting characters add greatly to the story and the plethora of science and geography information included makes this a terrific adventure. Certainly it something the Jr High crowd and up will enjoy

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review