A Christmas Kiss

A Christmas Kiss - Jess Michaels It would seem that Amelia is one of those unfortunate highborn ladies whose money is more attractive than she is. Her marriage has, to her chagrin, been one of convenience and she has been living with her sister in the months since her discovery of this sad fact. However her estranged husband, Lord Blackgrove, has had a change of heart. He has arranged for a week of her time to woo her and convince her of his true feelings. Christmas is a time for miracles. He certainly has her body convinced.

This is fun short story read though it could have easily filled a full length novel. While typical romance fare, is is sweet and fun. Particularly special are the hot house daisies, Amelia’s favorite flower, grown especially for her and delivered daily. This tidbit is enough to convince me I should read more Jess Michaels and if it weren’t her creative author bio would be.