Destiny - Casi McLean With Halloween so close, I bet you are ready for a ghost story. May I suggest Destiny?

Meet Reagan. She is hiding out at remote Spirit Lake in an effort to deal with life altering news. Far away from everything, she finds a young girl named Destiny who implores Reagan to help her to save her dad. That there is a child alone in the middle of nowhere isn’t the oddest part. A ghostly ship, the likes of which haven’t been seen in the area for over a hundred years, appears out of a strange fog and it would seem that Destiny’s dad is somewhere on board. It is up to Reagan to figure out how to save him. Who Destiny might really be is probably the most original twist on a ghost story that I have read in years.

While the story is far too short, it is a great way to spend a few free minutes. Reagan is a fun heroine. Part scrappy gal, part MacGyver, complete with duct tape. Destiny is the beginning of a series and I am certain that I will enjoy the rest as much as this first volume.