Holly Berry

Holly Berry - Emma Jaye I read what you write says it all. I don’t shy away from any genre, though I have many favorites, erotica in its many forms is not generally among them and thankfully I am not asked to review it very often. It seems all too often authors of that particular type of story fall back on crude language, crass simple dialogue and stark description, the likes of which belongs on an internet forum or better still in their author's heads, and should never be published for actual readers. I certainly don’t mind if the characters, acting in character, behave that way, however when the exposition and prose sound as if it came out of the mouth of a pimp for $5 hookers, the story is going to leave me flat. When reviewing this genre, I consider myself lucky if come across stories with a humorous slant or enough of a romance story to carry the overt sexuality. Not having read anything from this author before, I had no idea what to expect from her BDSM Erotica. A sweet funny love story with a Christmas spin certainly threw me for a spin.

The lifestyle depicted is obviously not for everyone, however this story is well written and complexly developed. A Christmas fairy with knack for self harm and innate curiosity for sex could be such a cliche, however she was anything but that. She was real and warm and evoked real emotions. The competing men could have just been stereotypical, but they instead showed themselves to be caring partners. Thankfully this book also isn’t the rampant stereotypical drivel that lately feeds media sensations. The sex scenes were both titillating and genuine. Erotic, wet and sexy for sure, but also love making, a term that doesn’t often get used for word porn. It is also not often that, that one gets a delightful novel to go with along with fantasy sex.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review