Seeking Redemption

Seeking Redemption - Madhu Vajpayee This is the story of Meera Mishra, a new graduate from medical school. Although she is bucking tradition and her mother’s wishes, she is looking forward to starting her professional life. She finds herself getting overlooked for placement first in school then in jobs, when her goverment’s zeal to help minorities, by instituting quota laws, is usurped by those corrupt few who have found a way to work the system. She takes the setbacks in stride yet time and again ends up in the middle of the swirling debate as she supports those closest to her.

The concept of affirmative action is not exclusive to India. It is a hot button issue all over the world and while it seems like a simple fix it is the age old saw of a government needing to protect its most vulnerable citizens while not impeding the rights of the rest of the citizens in the process. Tradition and inertia are hard forces to go against and the true story here is that Meera realize that she herself is important, regardless of the drama surrounding her, and that she find her way and learn to stand on her own.

I have to applaud the amount of technical talk in his novel. It was just enough to add to the story and not so much that the layman would be lost. There were also a lot of really terrific characters in book. Whether one likes them personally or not, they cover a wide range of human traits and emotions and they added greatly to the texture of this story.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review