Federal City's Secret (#3)

Federal City's Secret (#3) - Robin  Murphy Book 3 in the SIPS series is an enigma to me. Of course I enjoyed hanging out with the team once again. They are fun bunch, like old friends. The story veered from the usual formula, which wouldn’t be necessarily be a bad thing, except that it was kind of muddled. It seems like that author wrote herself into a corner with her carryover from book two and no idea how to move past it. Though it was handled fairly well, to me, it just didn’t have a place in Kelly’s story. The main story about Kelly, was fantastic and I really think she should have her own book or even a series of books because she, along with Nick Lowry, has great potential as a character. It just seems the SIPS team was wholly unneeded for this mystery, except in the most peripheral ways and could have gone home after their own investigation was finished.

Once again the team’s paranormal investigation, the reason for the visit to Washington, was top notch with lots of details and information for the arm chair paranormal investigator to enjoy and, despite the sad turn of events, it is fun seeing Marie’s talents expand and the relationships among the team grow stronger. There is plenty here for SIPS fans to enjoy.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review