Last Girl

Last Girl - K.S. Thomas This is the story of Trix and Penn eight years after the loss of Trix’s twin brother, and Penn’s best friend, Bo. Bo was the fulcrum of their Love/ Hate relationship in life and and is the lynch pin of their relationship in death. In the beginning it is easy to see that their relationship is not healthy. It seems obvious that they should have gone their own way many years before and at the death of Bo should not have been enough to keep these two in any kind of relationship. Turns out that is true, Bo isn’t the reason. Each is in love with the other and must come to terms with it in his and her own way.

The book is roller coaster of emotions for both the characters and the reader. This book is fantastically written and I want to be clear about that, because I spent most of the book thinking that the story just seemed too forced, something just didn’t ring true about it. The relationship, with its wide mood swings just seemed too unbalanced to work.

I did eventually warm up to the love story and just when I was feeling comfortable with the everything-is going-to work-out conclusion that seemed to be coming as the end of the book loomed, I got kicked in teeth with one emotional twist after another. The ending had me spitting mad and realizing that it all suddenly made sense. I am not a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks style tearjerkers, but I am aware that they are wildly popular with a huge portion of fiction readers, so I am sure this particular book, though not my cup of tea, is destined for success.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review