Lord Bartholomew's Christmas Bride

Lord Bartholomew's Christmas Bride - Maggi Andersen “A stickler for correctness, Lord Bartholomew Winborne, second son of the Marquess of Brandreth, is about to take up his appointment as a vicar in India. Requiring a suitable wife by Christmas, he has made a list of the most desirable qualities she must possess.”

When I read that, I tried to imagine my congregation’s pastor choosing his wife in such a logical fashion, granted he wasn’t being posted to an exotic location in the Regency Period. It obvious that Bart, like the aforementioned pastor is going to choose his wife out of love and the proper young ladies on his list just aren’t going to do it for him. It doesn’t take much imagination to know who the new vicar should marry. Though a little too short, this charming delivers. The real prize here is of course the tantalizing glimpse of lady Sibella. Can one hope that a subsequent novel will at last find her happy in love?