The Struggle Within

The Struggle Within - Rebecca Heipel Nicola is a small business owner with a great job, a great boy friend and a bright future. All of a sudden her life begins to unravel as it becomes increasingly obvious to her that her every move is being stalked. It is harder to convince those closest to her and even the police are skeptical. The situation spins out of control when secrets begin to come to light in all aspects of her life. Nothing is as it seems and the danger is mounting.

Ms. Heipel has written an excellent thriller that keeps the reader guessing right up unto the final twist. Its intriguing plot keeps the story moving right along and the interesting method of reveal keeps the reader guessing. It tends to move to flashback and into first person without warning and though the reader will quickly grow accustomed to the transitions, it can be a little disorienting. The book contains an wide range of emotional contrasts between the main and supporting characters and character development is fantastic. None of the characters is as they seem to be at first. There are few loose ends and implausibilities that nag at me through through the end, however I quite enjoyed reading this book and think that Rebecca Heipel has a bright future of her own.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review as part of a promotion package